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Cosmid Nomads Reviewd on Unearthed!
20 Jun 2011

Ray Vanderby’s flaming new side project COSMIC NOMADS is getting the hype on their Triple J Unearthed page with to fabulous reviews.

“A Classical Rock Masterpiece! I haven’t heard a new band with this sorta sound since i stole all of my parents good vinyl, it rocks”
–    Meggy G, Triple J Unearthed

“The musicianship on “Millennium Toccata” is world class – absolutely outstanding!!! This whole album titled ‘Millennium’ moves Cosmic Nomads into a rare class of aussie talent and takes rock music to a new level in this country. It combines elements of the old and the new and accomplishes this with great style! Love it!!”

–    Maroks, Triple J Unearthed

To give their tunes a spin and post up your own review, head to their Unearthed Page:

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