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Craig Fraser gets the love to flow from India !
15 Jan 2010

Craig Fraser gets the love to flow for Australia from India from his recent tour with W.O.A Records. The tour was so successful that it has now lead to W.O.A Records receiving unprecedented support from the Media, Fans and the Industry after the Successful completion of the India Tour 2009. This has now spared the start of a new journey for W.O.A with the launch of the W.O.A Films Division. You can read the full press release from W.O.A below.

Panaji, Goa – Dec, 3rd, 2009 -W.O.A International-The Music Company – has been organising the W.O.A records India Tour since 2008 when it was conceptualised and put into motion capturing the attention of the media, fans and musicians immediately for the grand scale and uniqueness of the tour. This year the W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 far exceeded the expected support and received unprecedented coverage and following from the media and the fans of Independent music for the high level of concerts organised in every city and the calibre of musicians on tour. And the support has come in also from the film fraternity in India, which is due to the next division of W.O.A International being launched – W.O.A Films. The W.O.A Films Division is being officially launched with the release of the documentary of the W.O.A Records India Tour 2009, which will be released on worldwide global networks as a mini series in early 2010. “The W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 was a runaway success this year” says W.O.A International Founder and International Rocker, Oliver Sean, “The tour this year and the wonderful artists and the calibre of performances were at such high standards that the idea of W.O.A Films just fell into place and now we launch W.O.A International’s new division W.O.A Films in 2010 with the documentary we shot of the tour that will feature the artists that we are so proud of” The W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 saw International artistes that included Risemann, Kallii, Danny John & Craig Fraser all from Australia, Cypher16 from the UK, Metissia from France, Monica & The Explosion from Sweden, Lloyd Paul, Elvis Kahn & Saurabh Som from India and special performances by International Rocker Oliver Sean, French Singer Songwriter Matthias Sturm and others who performed at the W.O.A International Music Festival that kicked off the 2009 tour. The tour was across all the major music loving cities of India including Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune where the artists took over the city and the buzz across the nation was of the W.O.A Records India Tour that rocked India for one whole week without a break.  With the launch of W.O.A Films in 2010 the documentary of the tour will be released as a mini series and will also have the much awaited compilation CD of the 2009 tour accompanying the launch of the Film division of W.O.A International which will feature the main tour artists and all the finalists of the tour who couldn’t make it to India. With the ever expanding infrastructure of W.O.A International that now includes W.O.A Record & Studios, W.O.A Artist Management, W.O.A Events, W.O.A Publishing, W.O.A Music Marketing, the Internationally syndicated W.O.A Radio Show, the upcoming W.O.A Film Division and with an even bigger, better and louder tour planned for 2010 when the tour will be held in India and Dubai, W.O.A International is staying true to its mission of being a company that creates a complete infrastructure for top level Independent artists reach their full potential and assisting world class musicians achieve their dreams without compromising their true identity as musicians. Further details about the W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 are available at

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