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Craig Fraser gets the radio love
16 Dec 2010


Craig Fraser gets the radio love and praise AMEN ! Craig Frasers album ” Death Bed Regrets” has been a constant feature on Australian Community Radio for the past 12 months.

Recently Craig was interviewed on PBS 106.7 FM – Melbourne by John Carver for the “Beyond Carter”. John plays the album all the time and hails Craig’s poetic brilliance. We feel the same way too John and that’s why Craig is now one of Blue Pie’s hit writing staff. Craig works with new and upcoming acts that seek to develop their own music or by offering one of his songs as a potential cover for a reworking. Just the same way that Leonard Cohen has had more artist cover his songs than most people have hot dinners, Craig is now heading down the same pathway.

If you need some words then you need to talk to Craig AKA The Fraseman AKA Mr Jingle. For more information on Craig Fraser visit his site

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