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Craig Fraser in Goa Chillout Zone Compilation series
21 Feb 2012


Craig Fraser continues to rock India and the world with his continued participation in the Goa Chillout Zone series. Craig’s track “Be There For You” is now available on Itunes via their lastest compliation album – Goa Chillout Zone CD Vol. 4.

The Goa Chillout Zone CD Vol. 4 is the fourth release in the planned five-volume collection, with the first three volumes breaking records and topping several album and retail charts. Bringing together the best that W.O.A International has to offer, as well as unsigned independent artists worldwide, the compilations continue to amaze media, radio stations and other major labels, whom now regularly tap into the W.O.A Records Goa Chillout Zone songs and artists for their own compilations and collaborations.

You can check out Goa Chillout Zone series on Itunes here.

You can find more information on Craig Fraser here.
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