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Craig Fraser loved by Austrade!
10 Jun 2011

Austrade sends the love to Craig Fraser. Craig sends the love to Blue Pie.

We have been working with Craig now for over 3 years, first as an artist and now Craig has joined out Jingles and Production Team and now writes and produces for the label. Craig has recently been mentoring a number of acts including Shake Digga and Liam Warriner on melody and helping them to integrate great melody into their Hip Hop songs. Craig has sent through the thanks to the Blue Pie team for helping him to open up new doorways and markets to the US. Here is what Craig had to say:

“Hi Damien and the Blue Pie admin team, I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and all of the Blue Pie team for all of your hard work in assisting me with Austrade and establishing me as a music exporter. Through your extensive network and unparalleled business model you have shown me the power of good marketing and the potential that access to the whole world can bring. This was only achievable with the backing of Blue Pie. The future is looking good. Thanks again for all you and the team do each day for me and my music.”Blue Pie Artist, Craig Fraser,

You can check out Craig’s music on iTunes globally. Just search “Craig Fraser”

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