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09 Jul 2009

Craig Fraser is an original singer/songwriter with vast abilities, from playing and composing songs on the piano to the bluesy sounds of the harmonica.

Blue Pie is very proud to have secured world wide distribution rights to “Craig Fraser” who produces a light country, folk pop sound. He also includes a range of other artists for backup vocals and sax. Craig loves embracing the talents of other independent artists into his music and the result is a wide range of of styles and subjects.

In an insane world, Craig’s songs are a journal into his life, his inner most thoughts and feelings put on paper is a way of “keeping sane”.

Many industry representatives have commented on Craig’s amazing gifts. Suzy Byrne, National Press Manager, Universal Music Australia commented on Craig’s work. “I’ve been listening to the album, it sounds awesome…. I have Nick Cave moments. “Creepy Little Things” get stuck in my head, it’s very catchy! “All you do” makes me want to skank”.

To find out more on Craig Fraser visit his website for more exciting updates.
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