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Craig Fraser & The Legends of GOFPOS Music Video!
19 Sep 2011

Craig Fraser & the Legends of GOFPOS are filming a Jerry Springer inspired music video and want you to be a part of it!

They will be hosting a party and gig at 7pm Saturday November 5th at the Barley Corn Hotel. Joining them for this party and the filming of their new clip will be special guests The Gallant Trees, Hopwood and Curly Joe!

The Legends of GOFPOS are the result of Craig and his band mates becoming sick of going to the pub, with the express notion of having fun only to be confronted with artists who were pouring their hearts out and bringing the place down (don’t worry Craig can do this as well as anyone but it’s about time and place). So, The Legends of GOFPOS were born and everyone who has seen their live act says the same thing “you guy’s put the fun back in pub rock”.

They will be filming their music video there so if you want to be a part of it head on down!

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