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Crow 7 signs a global distribution and publishing administration agreement with Blue Pie
23 Dec 2010


Crow 7 are one of the hottest metal masters of pure ROCK !, Hailing from Germany and with a metal pedigree of decades of live work and non stop performances we very pleased and totally excited to announce that we have signed a global distribution and publishing administration agreement with Crow 7. 

Working with CJ, the bands manager, Kieran Wicks from our Business Development Team found these guys on the web late one night and the dialogue started to flow. Today we say ” Welcome to Crow 7 ” to the Blue Pie roster and in less than one day of the band being with Blue Pie we have landed a placement in a new independent film called ” Dealing with Destiny “. Seems destiny awaits for these rockers. We love the band and their music. The passion is flowing from the Pie to the Crow. We always knew that Crows like to eat Blue Pies and take the trip into the Blue World. Come into the mystery world of CROW7.

Dive into the Rock Music that is reminiscent of the classic 80’s hair metal and classic rock styles that generated bands like Poison, Bon Jovi and Van Halen. Crow 7 are influenced by modern elements coming right out of music orchestra pit that would be suited playing Saturday nights in hell. Lyrically the songs tell stories of life and love and lead a pathway from the dark dungeons of hell back into the light. Crow 7 deliver their own new melodic rock metal sound that is “Crow 7”.Crow 7 and their new Album “Light in my Dungeon” is bright, bohemian rock that takes the listener to their world. You need this loud and you need to Roooocckkkkk.

Crow 7 are an Electrik Blue Records artist and are distributed by Blue Pie for the world.

Check out their My Space page for more information

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