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Dale Bozzio glitzez to the Blue Pie artist roster.
18 Aug 2010

Blue Pie welcomes the multi talented, the original ” Lady Gaga ” Dale Bozzio to the artist roster. Dale Bozzio was the creative focus of Missing Persons, one of the 80’s most provocative new wave music pioneers to hit the music scene in the early 80’s. Dale is a singer, songwriter, and fashion style conceptualist. Creating a truly unique image and vocal style that would later go on to influence the likes of Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga. Dale is the original Lady Gaga.

Take one look at the iconic fashion and sexploitation of her image and fashion sense to see where the source of one of today’s biggest artists images originated. Dale Bozzio created L.A. based Missing Persons and went on to wax two best selling gold albums, “Spring Sessions” and Colour In Your Life. Dale Bozzio has been widely credited with influencing Gwen Stefani’s vocal styling and in recent times direct comparisons have been made between the hairstyles, makeup and outfits that Dale Bozzio wore when performing with Missing Persons in the 80s, and Lady GaGa’s style today. Both Gwen and Lady Gaga have publicly acknowledged Dales influence not only in musing but in her truly unique fashion style that today seems to be almost tame compared to her heydays in the 80’s. Madonna’s image of the early 90’s can be seen to echoes the roads that Dale paved.

For all the latest news on Dale you can check out her My Space page at You can also check out some of Dale’s iconic clips on her You Tube site . Dale will be working and mentoring a number of the new and emerging female artists with Blue Pie’s Stephen Wrench and Damien Reilly. We are honoured to have Dale on the label and look forward to massive success. Search for Dale on iTunes under ” Dale Bozzio “.

Press and Media announcements to follow. 

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