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Dale Nougher- AKA "The Chillmaster" is BACK with multiple 2023 releases!
16 Aug 2023

Dale Nougher, The Chill Master, has transformed 2023 with a serene symphony of twin albums and nature’s melodies! In a world where chaos often dominates headlines, Australian artist Dale Nougher, lovingly known as The Chill Master, is taking 2023 by storm with a wave of tranquil twin albums and captivating standalone releases. Born out of his deep connection to the natural world and his lifelong passion for music, Dale’s compositions have turned into a symphony of serenity that transports listeners to the heart of nature’s beauty.

With releases like “Bell Buoy Beach Rainfall” and its counterpart “Bell Buoy Beach Rainstorm,” Dale brings the soothing sounds of rain to life. These twin albums create a unique auditory experience, allowing listeners to choose between the gentle patter of raindrops or the more intense and mesmerizing symphony of a rainstorm. It’s as if nature herself is offering a personalized invitation to unwind and escape the hustle of daily life.

And it doesn’t stop there. Dale’s creativity knows no bounds as he crafts harmonious duets in the form of musical landscapes. “Bell Buoy Beach Tidal Pools Sunrise” and its partner “Bell Buoy Beach Tidal Pools Sunset” capture the tranquil ebb and flow of the tides, creating a perfect backdrop for both dawn’s first light and the enchanting hues of twilight.

One cannot overlook the masterpiece that is “Manly Dam Cascades Parts 1 and 2.” This twin album is a journey through the cascading waters and serene landscapes of the Manly Dam, a place that holds a special place in Dale’s heart. The compositions effortlessly blend the majesty of waterfalls with the melodic charm that Dale’s music is known for.

And of course, there’s many more to choose from beyond that, both in terms of albums and the videos that accompany them.

Dale’s artistic evolution has been deeply influenced by his upbringing on Clarke Island, where the vast expanse of nature became his canvas and the melodies flowed from his soul. His immersion in the island’s tranquility resonates in every note he plays, allowing listeners to experience the very essence of the wild world around us.

Collaborating with Blue Pie Records has propelled Dale’s compositions to new heights. As “Mr. Chill” and “The Chill Master,” he has curated the acclaimed “Chill Master” series, showcasing his remarkable ability to merge the realms of music and nature. His devotion to producing instrumental music that mirrors the serenity of the natural world is evident in every track he creates.

As 2023 unfolds, Dale Nougher’s twin albums and standalone releases offer a refuge from the cacophony of life, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the enchanting melodies of the world around us. Soothing rain, mesmerizing tides, and cascading waters become a backdrop to our everyday lives, reminding us of the beauty that exists just beyond the horizon. As The Chill Master’s music envelops us, we are reminded to sit back, relax, and connect with the marvels of nature that Dale has so beautifully captured in his compositions.

Dale’s music stands as a testament to the power of harmony between human creativity and the natural world. With every note he plays, he invites us to embark on a soothing journey, where the boundaries between art and nature become beautifully blurred. So, sit back, relax, and let Dale Nougher’s enchanting melodies transport you to a world where music and nature intertwine in perfect harmony.


Dale is a Blue Pie Records USA Artist, and is managed by Damien Reilly, for all management enquiries email

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