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Damien Reilly and Lindsay Osborne get cracking on some new projects!
30 Apr 2011

Damien Reilly and Lindsay Osborne are back working on some great new projects. As Damien says: “It has been close to 10 years since our last collaborations and the timing seems to be right now with my time being more available to be able to follow my passion for production and recording. Lindsay is one of Australia’s greatest bass players and knows rock better than any person I know. He has the experience and was there at the time when Australia was carving out its own niche on the international music landscape with bands like ACDC, Chisel, Alibi, Kevin Borich, Billy Thorpe, Swanee, Jimmy Barnes, Black Feather and a host of others. Lindsay’s networks are global and most of Australia’s rock icons are either past collaborators of his or life long friends. I am honoured to be working with Lindsay on all the new projects we have and it seems that every one is loving the work so I am sure that this will be a more permanent past time for me in the future”.

Damien and Lindsay are working on recording projects with Suzanna Lubrano, Film Sound tracks like The Dealing With Destiny Sound Track, The Argues The Movie, Didge on Fire, David Nicholas and Sam Pollards new album, Sahra, Jeffery Pope, Ivan Klass from Sharkarts, Dale Bozzio, Prince, Bill Deiz, and a few more are on the way.

Damien and Lindsay’s production skills are a rare commodity and with the extensive live touring and studio work we are sure that this partnership is bound to generate some chart topping hits. For more information on Damien and his production work you can visit his website at – Formal press and media releases to follow.

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