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Damn Glad have a cover of the legendary Pink Floyd coming soon!
30 Jun 2014

Damn Glad are gearing up to begin pre-production on the Pink Floyd cover “Pigs (Three Different Ones) for the Versailles Records tribute album to Pink Floyd.

Well at Metal Central TV, we can’t wait! The band told us to “stay tuned” so keep an eye on their website and facebook pages to hear the final release, it should be any day now!

Hailing for New York City, Damn Glad have been working hard on some new tracks. Their intense energy and quirky characters create an infectious band who create music that will rattle around in your head for days on end! Their screaming guitar licks and feisty vocal kicks will get the blood pumping, no worries!

Their latest album, “It’s Always Something” is a powerful album that has a range of musical content from tough grooving toe tappers, soulful ballads to dark melodic rockers. Stream the entire album on their website at

With hints towards more new tracks to be dropped soon, we are pulling our hair out, biting our nails and squirning in our uncomfortable office charis. It’s definitely some music worth waiting for!

Check out their website for more

Reminisce over their awesome track, What’s Wrong With That? While you wait for the Floyd cover to be dropped:


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