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Danny Vash has something big coming!
01 Feb 2019

Danny Vash, our very own Rockstar, has two great new tracks that he’s dropped on SoundCloud exclusively with Blue Pie Records USA!
Here they are for your ears to rock out to pure Danny Vash Heavy Metal !

Takin’ Control and Viking Warrior are sure to please even veterans of the genre, and the lyrics are in the descriptions of the soundcloud pages themselves!

Harkening back to a classic sound from the 80s, Danny Vash brings back classic rock n roll in a big way that you’ll be sure to be able to nod your head to with ease. Takin’ Control is a carefree tune sure to lift your spirits up, and Viking Warrior describes the hardened might of the ancient warriors, still alive in the blood of their descendants today.

Perfect to rock out to, no matter what your spice is.

For all the latest news hit the Official Danny Vash Website:

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