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Danny Vash & Nite Wolf's latest album 'Hard Life' brings some life back in to the Hard Rock scene
11 May 2016

Since the success of their previous album “Takin Control” in 2015, Danny Vash and Nite Wolf have cemented their place in the global rock scene and continue to make significant strides in the industry with heir latest album “Hard Life”. With all this momentum, Danny and Nite Wolf aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. Their hard-hitting sound is a combination of Danny Vash on lead guitar and vocals, Bill Weber on drums and Mike Alberts on bass. Together they grind out crunchy riffs, complex melodies and songs with a classic hard rock sound. Danny Vash writes all the music and lyrics, bringing his patented passion and commitment into his work; this all comes together to create an authentic rock sound that will have you coming back for more.

‘Hard Life’ was released in April 2016 and in those few months has been receiving some serious attention and radio play on a number of FM stations based in the US and abroad, proving that good music gets played. The album includes some of Vash’s finest work in songs such as ‘Judgment Day’, ‘Hollywood’, ‘Highway Wars’ and the title song ‘Hard Life’, each song has it’s own unique feel whilst still maintaining that Danny Vash quality assurance. Vash is committed to pushing his brand of hard edged rock to the world and I say let him!

For more Danny Vash Check out the links below, but before that here’s one of his older hits to let you know what you’re in for.

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