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Danny Vash rocks North America with strong radio play and new stations adding " Hard Life " every day !!!
09 Feb 2017

Danny Vash is a modern day rock sensation. The crunchy guitar riffs, melodies and classic hard rock sound of the band are reminiscent of bands including, Led Zeppelin, Cream and ACDC. This brings back the sound of a much-loved era of rock and roll, which is clearly missed judging by Danny’s success. His recent success includes his song “Passion Dreamer” being played on over 300+ radio stations and the song “Takin’ Control” winning best hard rock song of the month with the Akademea of music in Hollywood California.

The latest track from Danny, “Hard Life” continues to propel his popularity skywards. The song is classic Danny Vash rock and roll on steroids. This comes as no surprise considering the epic team behind the track. This team includes: Danny Saber (Rolling Stones, David Bowie, U2, Jack White) on bass and the console, Chris Garcia (Santana, Del Ray, Scherzinger) mixing and vocal compiling, Damien Reilly (Oohlala, Rusty Anderson, Paul McCartney, Petula Clark) pre-production and Tom Polce (Bob Dylan, Jerry Lee Lewis, Lubrano) mixing.

“Hard Life” has already received tremendous success. In the October 2016 Akademia Music Awards “Hard Life” won the award for Best Rock Song. The track also reached number 1 on the BEAT100 Video Chart. Judging by the degree of success the song has achieved in its first month this song is going to be huge.

This track just oozes success with its killer riffs becoming instantly contagious. Don’t miss out on one of the best rock songs of the year.


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