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Danny Vash's "Hard Life" wins 2019 American Songwriter Awards!
05 Jul 2019

Danny Vash, Damien Reilly, Tom Polce, Danny Saber, and Chris Garcia were all onto something quite special when they created “Hard Life”, and today it’ll show more than ever!


That’s right, the winner of the Rock category this year is Hard Life! This is well deserved, and it’s good to see that Danny and crew are being recognised for their work over and over again. After all, the creative efforts of Vash, Polce, and Garcia are plain to see as soon as those epic harsh notes first hit you. And the production efforts by Damien Reilly and Danny Saber are also noticable, as are Damien’s guitar solo arrangements!

This is the Hard Life EP, which also includes two fantastic singles, Viking Warrior, and Takin’ Control, which we’ve gushed about in the past. But of course, it contains that distinctive sound of Hard Life, as well as the drier mix for an alternate take! But say that you need a more visual take for this song.

How about a music video for Hard Life… produced by our very own Soularflair?

That’s some good stuff! Synergising visuals with lyrics is always a joy to see, and this in particular is pulled off with aplomb. And indeed, such visuals were inspired through the quality of this song. It’s no wonder that Hard Life did so well in the Rock category at the awards! Click HERE to check out the awards!

Danny Vash has managed to capture the hardcore energy of the great classic rock bands like AC/DC and Judas Priest. And it really shows. Big props to Danny and all who helped him reach this echelon!

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