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Dave Evans lands the book cover of 'Tranquil Disturbances'
14 Mar 2011

Dave Evans gets the love from the über British Horror Writer “Garry Charles”. Garry’s new blockbuster film “Tranquil Disturbances”, features Dave Evans on the cover in a super badass menacing pose with shotgun in hand. This is enough to make “Cape Fear ” a nursery rhyme. 

If you would like to check out this awesome cover of “Tranquil Disturbances” click here to see the high res image of the cover.

The book will be published by KHP Books and you can purchase the book online at AMAZON from June onwards.

For all the latest news on Dave Evans and to download his new album “Sinner” from iTunes please visit his iTunes store and click here.

For all your daily updates on the king of all “Bad Asses” then please check out Dave’s website here

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