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Dave Evans, the hardest working bad ass rocker on the planet today announces more tour dates for Latin America !
17 May 2024

Are you ready to rock? Dave Evans, the legendary original lead singer of AC/DC, is taking the world by storm with his non-stop global tour, and his next stop is Latin America! Fans can expect electrifying performances packed with classic rock ‘n’ roll energy and unforgettable heavy metal hits.

Dates Announced:

  • 8 July 2024 at Absoluto Rock, Asuncion, Paraguay.
  • 7 July 2024 at El Sotano, Formosa, Argentina.
  • 27 and 25 May 2024 is the Icons of Classic Rock concerts.

Tickets are available online or at your favorite ticket sellers. 

Dave Evans has been a pivotal figure in the rock music scene for decades, and his powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence continue to captivate audiences worldwide. This tour is a must-see for any rock aficionado, promising a high-energy experience that will leave you wanting more.

Check out the promo videos and get ready to rock out to the ultimate setlist of rock and metal anthems, including AC/DC classics like “T.N.T.” and “Highway to Hell.” Don’t miss your chance to see a true rockstar in action!

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