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Dave Sharp plays history-making show with Iggy Pop!
29 Apr 2011



The founding members of the Secret Seven, Dave Sharp and Chris Kaercher performed with Iggy Pop and the Stooges at the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor on April 19th. Sharp and Kaercher were members of the mini-orchestra (On upright Bass and Saxophone respectively) accompanying Iggy and The Stooges during their musical extravaganza to honor their original guiatarist, the late Ron Asheton, who passed away in 2009.

The show garnered much media attention across the USA as it was somewhat of a ‘homecoming’. As Iggy himself stated: We’ve chosen to do this in Ann Arbor where our group, our attitudes and our ideals were forged. It really was the birth of a movement. We’re planning to involve musicians across the spectrum from classical to youth groups and have a f—– big blast in memory of Ron. 

Check out the Rolling Stone Magazine Review HERE

Here are what some other people had to say about the show:

Thanks to Iggy and his Stooges (notably Williamson, whose playing was flawless all night), Rollins, Tek, the orchestra, the teen band, Kathy Asheton and the organizers, plus one enthusiastic crowd, this is a show for the history books. – Brett Callwood, Metro Times [Click here for full Review]

Best Show Ever Index: 80%, but only because the other 20% saw the Stooges back when Iggy was still rolling around in glass. – Evan Minsker, MTV [Click here for full Review]

Congratulations to Dave Sharp and Chris Kaercher for being a part of an amazing show that will no doubt be written into the Iggy Pop history books.



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