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Dave Sharp presents Journey To India!
05 Sep 2011

The world jazz concert Journey to India will feature the Indian influence found in the music of Secret Seven, and will feature special guest Hindustani vocalist Parag Ray.

Parag Ray is a trained Hindustani Classical singer from Kolkata, West Bengal India, and now residing in Ontario, Canada. Her debut album “ A Revival of Bangla Thumris” has been inspired by the immortal works of Begum Akhtar and features such collaborators as Jatileshwar Mukherjee (Composer/Lyricist), Durbadal Chatterjee (Music Arrangement) and many famous instrumentalists from India.

 The buzz around the Secret Seven has been growing since the release of their new full length album ‘7’. Lansing Jazz Festival Organizer Mike Skory says of the Secret Seven at the Lansing Jazz: “Everyone loved Dave Sharp. He showed us so many new rhythms and melodies and then brought them all together into his jazz. They will love Dave Sharp at the Detroit Jazz Festival this fall!”

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