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Dealing With Destiny creating new careers and helping talent to find its way in the world !
15 Apr 2013

The Blue Pie distributed and sound track produced film ” Dealing With Destiny “ has been a great indie film to help drive careers for one of our artists Mr Funky P and for the star of the film “Mr Luke Arnold”.

We have been telling people for a while now that Luke is one talented actor and it seems that people are waking up to his incredible talent. The Aussie actor is set to portray the troubled front man of INXS, the late Michael Hutchence in a Channel Seven’s mini-series.

There’s been talk brewing about two Michael Hutchence biopics for a while now, a Richard Lowenstein directed film titled Michael and a mini-series for Channel Seven. And Deadline has announced that up-and-coming local talent, Luke Arnold, has just nabbed the role as the late INXS frontman in the latter project titled Never Tear Us Apart: The INXS Story. A great win for Luke and more recognition to the Dealing With Destiny production team casting him in Dealing with Destiny lead in the 1st place.

Congrats to you Luke from everyone from the production team at Dealing with Destiny. You can check out more on this story clicking here:

You can also check out the Blue Pie Produced theme song “Destiny” for the film that features Ryan Adams on lead vocals with Sahra on backing vocals, Damien Reilly on guitar and Linsday Osborne on bass. The song was produced by Lindsay Osborne, Damien Reilly and Sean Carey. This is a cooking little track and has in recent times seen a rise in activity on You Tube with all the press and media attention on the film in the USA. The song is available now on iTunes for the world. Check out the clip below:

Mr Funky P’s great dance track ‘ Smile Baby ‘ was featured in the film sound track for Dealing With Destiny. In recent times Mr Funky P has been enjoying global interest in his music with YOU TUBE now playing his new video clips over 3,000,000 times. Check out the clip for “Your Love” here:

We are very proud to have been able to play a part in the launching of Mr Funky P’s global music career with the inclusion of this great song in the sound track. Congratulations all around to you Mr Funky P and also to you Mr Luke Arnold from everyone in the production team here at Dealing With Destiny and Blue Pie. Your Destiny to be both become superstars is now assured !

For more updates on the film and the films syndication throughout the world then please visit See the link for the films sell sheet below.

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