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Dealing with Destiny Gets The Love Online!
10 Feb 2012

With the recent ITunes release of the brilliant and quintessentially Australian comedy “Dealing with Destiny” is generating some awesome buzz online. It’s only a matter of time till this quirky comedy finally gets the recognition it deserves as one of the finest light hearted Australian films in recent memory that cheerfully pays homage to the classic 80’s American Frat House movie. Dealing With Destiny channels the cringe worthy antics of National Lampoon and reinvents the idea by setting the mayhem and pranks a little closer to home at an Australian university. With the initial warm reception the film has been receiving, here are just a few of the latest audience reviews and testimonials.

“Dealing With Destiny is a great film where we see Australian film producers taking on the college comedy style movie. With some great location shots of spectacular places around Sydney and a killer soundtrack, the film is packed with hilarious student pranks and comical storylines. The fun, light hearted atmosphere of the movie was introduced in the opening scene and was carried through right to the end.”

 “Dealing with destiny is a light-hearted comedy that is fun for everyone! There are plenty of American college films featuring boys and pranks so it is refreshing to finally see an Australian version. This film is not trying to hard to be anything but pure popcorn fun and laughs. The target audience is for the younger kids, especially the young girls once they catch sight of the main man Luke! These young Aussie actors show brilliant charm and charisma and manage to portray their characters with just the right amount of enthusiasm, definitely won’t be the last we see of these talented young individuals.”

If you haven’t checked out the film yet click on the link below, you don’t want to miss out on this eccentric Aussie comedy that will have the whole family laughing. Click here to download the film today!

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