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Dealing With Destiny in Cinemas September 2011
17 Jun 2011

Blue Pie is thrilled to announce that the much-anticipated Australian Independent film, Dealing With Destiny, will be released in HOYTS cinemas in various locations across Australia on the 1st of September this year.

It’s the last day of University term & planning of the traditional pranks is well underway between good buddies Blake, Lloyd, Vinnie, & Ricardo. Blake & Lloyd are two brilliant physics students who have always worked closely together as a partnership, but the stakes are much higher today as only one of them can top the year & win the University medal, & the somewhat sinister Professor Sorvad plots to influence the outcome. Vinnie is called upon to drive his beloved Betsy, a 1969 canary yellow fiat sport coupe, at high speed through the campus on a desperate mission against time. Ricardo falls lustfully in love with the sexy gym girl, but she has a secret life to reveal. Lloyd has a new girlfriend, the cosmically conscious, tree-hugging, dolphin-loving Zara. Zara uses her self-styled mystical powers to read the tarot cards & to predict the future events of the day, & amazingly it all seems to be coming perfectly true – or does it?

Stay in tune for more updates and location details. In the meantime, visit the Dealing With Destiny website:

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