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01 Dec 2008

The new track from The Wolfman is ready and soon to be released. There is an album in the making also, both featuring Professor Trance. This is a very special record and has more depth than the initial dimension of sound. Hellmut AKA The Wolfman wanted to share some words regarding the recording and asked us to distribute along with the tune “Shaman’s Beat” these words.

“Back in 2002 when Frank Natale aka Professor Trance passed away, we were with him in an apartment in Hawaii. Frank was a real warrior, and he died without any fear. A couple of days before Frank stopped breathing, he gave me a bunch of DAT tapes and asked me to use them as I see fit. I did not listen to those tapes for over 6 years. Only recently did I download the material from the DAT tapes to my computer, and I was amazed by the material Frank left to me. Frank and I did an album together during the year before he kicked his bucket, called “Dance Your Animal”. So when I hard the material of those tapes, I was very inspired to create a new Trance Dance album in Franks spirit. The first track is ready, and I called it “Shaman’s Beat”. I am releasing it as a maxi single, and I am working on the rest of the album now. The track brings Frank back to my life, although I have to say that he has never left, as I feel him around often. Enjoy the track, and feel free to leave me feedback about it. Love, Hellmut”

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