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Decembers Shadow debut album is in the works
25 May 2010

Decembers Shadow are working on their debut our full length album due at the end of the year. The band has been busy writing new tracks with Joey playing guitar on a few of the new songs. The band are excited about this new area for Joey. Sean Just Got a new Krank Amp that sounds massive!! Paul and Jay have been exploring more Groove based rhythms and driving the melody in there while the band believe they have finally found their comfort zone with Joey really focussing on the singing. The vocals are amazing for this new record. The sounds put the band into the hard hitting range with some nice clean vocals to ad some traditional metal vibe. Inspiration is key.  Joey and Jay have discovered Eddie and the Cruisers 2 the other day and found this movie really inspiring. There will be new shows announced in the next few weeks with a possible gig in Orlando at the ” House of Blues”. We will keep all the fans posted. For more information on the band you can check out the website at 

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