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Desperate Endeavours Wins a NYCIFF!
25 Aug 2011

Desperate Endeavours is going to India! The film, which follows the exploits of an Indian immigrant trying to make it in New York City in 1973, will be showing in cinemas in India after it won a NYCIFF Award this week.

 The New York City International Film Festival honoured Mr Gulshan Grover as ‘Best Actor in a Film Based on Original Material’! The makers of the film have now set their eyes on an Oscar nomination!

 Also, congratulations to Blue Pie artist Funky P whose song ‘Heaven is around the corner’ was licensed in the film.

Desperate Endeavours had a great screening Friday night at the Tribeca Cinema. It was announced that the film will show on the big screen Monday and we were all invited. Now that is Funky!

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