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Didge On Fire Are Doing Aussies Proud!
09 Feb 2013

Didge On Fire have become regulars on the television show DJ Central, with their single ‘Didge On Fire’ featuring in a number of episodes. This is a huge feat for the guys, as DJ Central is currently reaching homes across the globe. ‘Didge On Fire’ has been causing quite a stir, receiving love from fans who are suggesting that “should be an Australian anthem”, and rightly so.


The video for their song ‘Didge On Fire’ takes you on both a spiritual and imaginative journey; discussing traditional Australian culture and themes. They make reference to the Aboriginal Dreamtime and heritage, the ever changing Australian climate and opening our hearts to bring people together. The song features the use of traditional Aboriginal instruments and vocals and the video extends the use of our cultural heritage, featuring Aboriginal dancers performing around the band on a coastal rock pool platform.


With such a wonderful representation of Australian beauty and culture, ‘Didge On Fire’ is an iconic song with massive tourism potential. It has already been used in the independent Australian film ‘The argues: The Move’ however Blue Pie would like to see more of Didge On Fire’s music used in movies, documentaries and advertising. Blue Pie will be talking to numerous agencies to ensure this happens, so stay posted!



For more information on Didge On Fire, visit their official Myspace page:

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