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DIG THIS MAN! A classic Serge Ermoll jazzy throwback on TV!
12 Aug 2021

If you remember the Aussie jazz scene back in the day, you may know of a legendary performer: Serge Ermoll. Today we’re doing a little trip down memory lane, looking back to the glory jazzy days when Serge blasted his jazzy skills on national television! Here’s just one example of a channel 7 airing, bringing his classic sound to the 90s in style!

For nearly forty years, jazz pianist Serge Ermoll has been renowned for his exceptional skills, constantly pushing boundaries, while defying the marketplaces demands to conform. His group, Free Kata, formed in the 1970s, and “…ripped open the heart of music aesthetics in Australia.” (John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald, August 2003). Ermoll has played with some of the greats of the international jazz scene. During the recording of more than twenty-nine internationally released albums and playing on the live circuit across the globe, he has created moments with some of the greatest names in modern jazz. Indeed, as seen in a post on the Facebook memorial page for Serge, you can see just how many people “Dig This Man”! Check this out, the focus of today’s throwback: Serge breaking it down LIVE on channel 9 back in the day, putting his memory firmly in the hearts and minds of people across Australia!

This performance put him on the map, and you can see why he was nominated for an ARIA award! Especially when you hear the album that was nominated…

And the “Dig This Man” video on Facebook is certainly capturing the public’s feelings towards Serge’s incredible talent. He is sorely missed, and just seeing the adoring comments on this video on the memorial Facebook page will tell you all you need to know.

Serge ermoll dig this manserge ermoll comments

Go ahead and send the account a friend request to see all the details for yourself, as well as any other future Serge throwbacks! It stands as a testament to how much the world was moved by Serge’s talent. He is remembered for both his talent and his larger-than-life personality. Boasting a 5th Dan black belt in karate, and formerly having a day job as a private detective, Ermoll had always been a character, within and beyond his music. Today, we take a moment to remember this as we listen to his iconic music… and if you haven’t heard of him before, then welcome! We hope you enjoyed meeting this incredible figure in Aussie musical history.

Serge Ermoll is a DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records USA artist. Serge is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP)

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