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Discovering Australia: The "A World of Difference" Odyssey
04 Nov 2023

In an audacious and unconventional adventure, three individuals set out to ride across Australia. Three guys on push bikes, accompanied by a camera crew in a van, with a clapped-out motorbike tagging along. It’s sheer madness, and it’s at its best!

We are pleased to announce that the documentary “A World of Difference” won the Best Documentary Feature Film award at the Europe Independent Movie Festival (EIMF) in Izmir, Turkey.

This story is not just about a journey across Australia; it’s a celebration of human resilience and a testament to the unrelenting pursuit of adventure. “A World of Difference” is an invitation to join in on the madness, to be inspired, and to question the limits we place on ourselves.

Stay tuned for more updates on this remarkable documentary and its thrilling journey across Australia. Congratulations once more to the Planet Blue Pictures team behind “A World of Difference”.

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