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Dive into the Cool World of Reggae with JIsland Records' Latest Compilations
16 Jun 2024

Are you a fan of the smooth, soulful rhythms of reggae music? If so, then
you’re in for a treat! JIsland Records, founded by the incredibly talented
Saunjay Kerr, is releasing some hot new compilations, Reggae Love, that
are sure to transport you to the shores of Jamaica.

Saunjay Kerr is no stranger to the music scene. With over 20 years of
experience as a producer in Jamaica, he has collaborated with a myriad of
artists, including the likes of Purpleman, Cat Eyes, Dred, Glen Ricks,
Imar Shephard, Jamelody, Mr. Davis, Nickeishia Barnes, and Walter Saw,
among others. His passion for music and innate talent have earned him a
reputation as one of the industry’s finest producers.

In 2019, JIsland Records joined forces with Blue Pie Records USA to
establish a global distribution and publishing network, aiming to share
the label’s incredible music with audiences worldwide. Since then, the
label’s roster has been expanding, and music lovers everywhere are
checking out JIsland Records.

JIsland Records brings a blend of traditional reggae elements with
contemporary influences, resulting in a sound that is both authentic and
innovative. Saunjay Kerr’s visionary approach to music production has
paved the way for collaborations with other influential Jamaican labels
such as King Jammys Records, Digital B, Harmony House, and Reggae Central
Records, further solidifying JIsland Records’ position in the industry.

The future looks exceedingly bright for Saunjay Kerr and the talented
artists of JIsland Records. With their infectious reggae-infused vibes
making waves across the globe, they’re undoubtedly poised for even greater
success in the years to come. So, grab your shades and get ready to bask
in the cool, rhythmic grooves of JIsland Records.

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