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DJ 5TH Mars finalist for the International Songwriting Competition
04 Mar 2014

We are so excited to share the news that our very own DJ 5th Mars has made it into the finalist round of the ISC (International Songwriting Competition) with his track “Electrofy” for the Dance/Electronica category.

The #1 competition for songwriters boasts a huge 19,000 entrants with only roughly one percent of all entrants being selected as finalists. This is an incredible achievement for ‘deepspace techno’ artist DJ 5th Mars and will launch his music across the globe!

After all the finalists works are sent to the ISC celebrity judges for close analysis, the winners will be announced in April and all results will be posted on the ISC website.

 Head to the ISC Facebook page to vote for DJ 5th Mars and his awesome track ‘Electrofy’!

 You can view all the finalists and semi-finalists by going to

Listen to DJ 5TH Mars on Soundcloud

Stay up to date through the Dj 5th Mars Facebook page

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