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DJ Central and Blue Pie bring you the ultimate in Dean Sutton!
05 Nov 2019

Byron Bay has some sweet trance and electro music pumping out of it lately! Where’s this coming from? It could only be the work of the madlad himself, Dean Sutton! And for his fans in Australia and the rest of the world, we have a treat for you. A MASSIVE Youtube playlist of him vibing and playing his best tracks, right there on DJ Central’s Youtube channel!

There’s over an hour of excellent tracks sitting there just waiting for you to discover it, so be sure to click on the embed or the hyperlink above to get started on a new hype party! 4 House Digital Records sure picked a winner when they picked Dean, and we’re sure you’ll agree after giving him a listen. But say you wanted to listen to some albums, and not watch some music videos. We have just what you need, thanks to Spotify!

What we have here is a triple threat. His entire Spotify catalogue, as well as two recent albums that he released, “Love” and “Xoxo (Spring Dance Music Compilation)! Spring is almost over in Australia, and Summer is around the corner, so be sure to dance to these while they’re still as hot and fresh as they are! Dean Sutton is full of some of the best electronic vibes we’ve ever heard, and since we’re Aussies ourselves, we can’t help but be proud of how good it sounds! Fire is coming out of Byron Bay, and it isn’t the hot sand of the beach!

If you wanna catch up more on Dean Sutton, check out these links!


4 House Digital’s website

And be sure to check out some of his videos on DJ Central’s Youtube channel, available any hour that you need a party going!

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