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DJ Central Countdown to October 5!
15 Sep 2012

The countdown is ON, with only 20 days to go until the new music television show, DJ Central, goes live on Aurora Network, FOXTEL.

The team have been buzzing through all of their shoots and production meetings in the last week as they prepare for the big day!

Hosted by a dynamic team, along with a cast of industry names and artists from all over the world, each week they’ll bring you the latest in dance and house music as well as featuring fashion interviews with celebrities from film to music and sport and bringing our own unique Australian feel to the world of dance and house music.

Each week the show will contain a number of interactive segments as well as featuring interviews with fans, club patrons, and profiling of the shows main club partner.

Be sure to look out for the debut episode on October 5, Aurora Network, FOXTEL.

For more information on DJ Central, be sure to check out the Official Website and WordPress Blog.

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