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DJ Central gets the iTunes love with their compilation serries. Check this and out download the hottest compilations on the planet today from iTunes !
19 Apr 2013

DJ Central gets the iTunes love from dance, house and club music lovers from all the planet. This great compilations serries if now up to Volume 10 and features all of the artists that have been played on the show. You can go to the DJ Central TV website here and check out the compilations

It is a very exciting time for the team at DJ Central with the creation of the compilations now generating 100,000’s in streams and downloads every month. This along with the rapidly expanding syndication of the show to countries like Germany, France, UK, Canada, USA, China, Indonesia, to name a few means that all the artists are gaining more and more exposure and thats and great thing for the independant artists and labels that are predominantly featured on the show.

Remember to tune in on Channel 183 on FOXTEL on Friday nights at 9.30 to get your dose of the best independant dance music from all over the world direct to your ears and eyes.

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