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DJ Central is seeing big success on Foxtel!
19 Aug 2022

August 5th was the day when DJ Central came back onto Aussie TV after 5 long years! Foxtel has taken the show on weekly, and we’re obviously very excited. This will make it the third episode TONIGHT of the new season, so if you’re keen, be sure to plug in! Blue Pie are very chuffed that everyone has been enjoying the content of our partners over at DJ Central.

First hitting the airwaves in 2012, DJ Central became a household name across the globe with international syndication of 5 seasons of music TV in over 20 countries. If you already know us, rest easy, we might look different, but we’re bringing you everything you loved before, with a contemporary edge making anything possible. The sky is the limit at DJ Central as we bring you cutting edge music videos from across the globe, leading the way in the world of EDM. Phones have been ringing off the hook and we haven’t been able to get out of our offices due to the fanmail blocking the doors, but thankfully we can remotely broadcast just as well.

But when? Where? It’s out tonight! That’s such short notice… and you may be too late by the time you see this article, what then? Well, luckily for you, we’re no longer in the dark ages of strictly scheduled programming, and if you wanna catch repeat episodes, we have those ready to go for Sunday as well! See what the hype is about and catch DJ Central Season 6 on Aurora, Channel 173 every Friday night at 10:30-Midnight AEST from August 5th. Made plans you can’t get out of? We’ve got you covered – switch on for a repeat episode on Sunday afternoon 2:30pm-4pm AEST from August 7th. Memorise those times. Every week, we’re bringing you some of the best DJ content on the planet, and you’re sure to never want to get these tunes unstuck from your head. You’ll be jamming so hard you’ll start up an earworm farm! We’re so hype we don’t give a damn how gross that sounds, deal with it.

These airings of the new season are just the start. Watch this space…

Watch DJ Central on Foxtel on Aurora TV Channel Channel 183

For more information on DJ Central check out our website or reach our directly to 

The Press and Media Manager



Where to watch DJ Central TV:

You can watch DJ Central on the following networks. Catch DJ Central TV on Vimeo directly or via Apple TV for the world. See you there!We are adding networks all the time so check the website for details and specific episode links once the show has aired.



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