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DJ Central kicks into overdrive with Season 5 now wrapped up. Check out these cool episodes from this standout season.
06 Nov 2017

Season 5 – Episode 2 Part 6:

DJ Central TV Season 5, Episode 2 (Part 6) is proud to showcase another amazingly strong group of musicians to the season. In this Part 6 of Episode 2 we have another four talented artists: The East Side Boyz, Moody Good ft. Eryn Allen Kane, Riff MC and Mark Johns.

Those crazy Crunkers, The East Side Boyz and their Hip-Hop/Rap song “All I Want” is the first to be featured in this season. Their catchy song is full of Crunk attitude which is definitely highlighted in their lyrics and music video. “Musicbox” by Mood Good ft. Eryn Allen Kane is an electronic song with a slow but catchy beat and meaningful lyrics. Riff MC’s hip-hop hit “Not Today” is a fun tune with a catchy beat. Mark Johns gives us a summery pop song with “Wait Till Tomorrow”, the vocals are deep and captivating while the video provides an interesting and entrancing element. The song itself is smooth and authentic with summer vibes.

This installment of DJ Central brings together a number of talented artists, the resulting episode with hip-hop and electronic rap is full of rich summer vibes and a whole lot of attitude!

Season 5 – Episode 2 Part 4:

DJ Central’s Season 5 Episode 2 (Part 4) brings you four new featured musicians to marvel over. In this episode we bring together Mark Johns, Ricky Jarman, Kove and Ben Pearce. These four fantastic artists have produced music from various genres that will take you on an emotional roller-coaster while leaving you wanting more.

Mark Johns’ pop song “Before You” features somber and deep lyrics along with uplifting rhythms. “Make It Happen” by Ricky Jarman is a Pop/R&B song with attitude. The song’s smooth beat with gloomy undertones create a moody tune with masses of meaning relating to her experiences as an artist. Kove’s fast-paced song “Night Thought” is an electronic dance song featuring a catchy beat and stunning visuals of multiple urban landscapes with alluring time-lapse photography. The soulful urban sounds of Ben Pearce’s “What I Might Do” brings a groovy and electronic vibe to the episode. Themes of breaking free from all your restrictions and restraints put on you are brought out perfectly in both the lyrics and music video.

This memorable group of artists was a perfect combination for DJ Central TV’s Season 5, Episode 2 (Part 4). From fast-paced electronic dance and moody R&B to uplifting, soulful pop and hip-hop, this is a truly eclectic mix for everyone to listen to.

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