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DJ Central Partners With Dance Music TV!
26 Feb 2013

DJ Central is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Dance Music TV! Dance Music TV (DMTV) is a division of WHOMAG Multimedia who also manage Dance Music Mag, WHO?MAG TV, WHO?MAG Distribution and Chetown Films. WHOMAG Multimedia was created by Rob Schwartz who is dedicated to bringing you the best of todays entertainment. Through Dance Music TV and Dance Music Mag he has managed to create an outlet for dance artists of all genres.


The partnership between DMTV and DJ Central fits perfectly as they share very similar values and segments. DMTV is also a show that is completely dedicated to dance music; it airs music videos, interviews, performances and events. DJ Central will be featuring artists and segments from DMTV in upcoming episodes and will also be distributing artists featured on DMTV through our DJ Central digital platforms.

Peter Bowers (Senior Vice President of DJ Central) has described the partnership as a “great opportunity” and has advised that there will be more announcements to follow. For more information, visit WHOMAG Multimedia’s website or Dance Music Mag’s website

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