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DJ Central Reaches New Fans!
21 Feb 2013

DJC has reached new fans this week on Facebook! The TV show has been gaining global success with its quality of expansive and multicultural-friendly dance music! Since hitting record numbers on New Year’s Eve after showcasing 5 back-to-back episodes, the music show is sky rocketing in viewers, who are tuning in to check out the latest up-and-coming electronic artists.

The show features the best in Dance, House and Club music from around the globe! Not only is the music played on Foxtel’s Aurora channel, it is also showcased on Sony Playstation, Muzu, Samsung TV and Quello. This will allow for a massive expansion in viewers.

DJ Central would love to thank social media websites Facebook and Twitter for the opportunity to spread the show across the worldwide web! “We couldn’t have done it without the help from online social media and of course, our fans!”

The show is receiving so much fan mail, praise and growth, and can be expected to reach vast new heights in 2013! Formal press and media releases will shortly follow.

Read more about DJ Central on the official page:

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