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DJ Central Season 2 is now LIVE on Amazon Prime! Break it down!
04 Jun 2019

You read that right, the classic hits from DJ Central Season 1 AND 2 are now available on Amazon Prime (Click on Amazon!) for your viewing pleasure, and Season 6 is still in production! This is the perfect place to get reacquainted with where it all started! We all binge our content nowadays as the new way to consume stuff with things like Netflix marathons, and DJ Central’s first and second seasons are here to help fill that niche! Get comfy, get some popcorn, click the link above and slap it on an HD screen, it’s time to get real nostalgic… again! Click HERE to get started with Season 2!


After all, the best way to watch new releases is to re-watch from the beginning so you know you haven’t forgotten a single moment, right? Well, the rest of the DJ Central seasons will be on Amazon Prime soon, but for now, start with Season 1… work your way up to Season 2… and have a preview of what you’re building up to! That’s right, from season one to season six, the marathons you’ll have are sure to get you in the mood to see this stellar hit! There’s twice the content this time around though so be sure not to party yourself to death! Take a peek at season five to see what you’re working your way up to in your future marathon:

DJ Central TV – Season 5 Episode 3 – Part 4 from Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo.

It’s interesting to see episodes from the latest published season of DJ Central before going back and watching the seasons prior to it. We can all see where the success of the show led it, where it ended up… but will you be one of the true fans who sticks with it and sees the path it took to reach here? DJ Central is a global dance, club and house music TV show that features the hottest DJ’s playing the hottest hits, remixes and mashups, from all over the planet. But it’s more than that- it’s a conglomeration of musical and visual talents all coming together in one show unlike any other on earth! And to see that, to see the true heart of it, one must start from where we, the producers of DJ Central started- at the beginning! Are you enough of a fan to jump into memory lane with us? Season 2 has 13 episodes all with the option for HD viewing, and the good folks at amazon know what the music lovers of the world like… which is why they’re bringing it to you!

Season six of DJ Central is currently being filmed, and YOUR covers have a chance to get into it! Just cover DL Down3r’s classic hit Suga Boom Boom with the hashtag #SugaBoomBoomCovers and you have a chance to get your talent broadcast on the show for all to see!

Suga Boom Boom by DL Down3r- cover this song with the hashtag #SugaBoomBoomCovers and send it to us for your chance at stardom!

DJ Central has something for everyone, and it’s plain to see that no matter who you are, you’ll appreciate what’s on offer here!

Take off your business tie and shoes, cook the popcorn, dim the lights and get under the blanket- Amazon Prime’s musical marathon of a lifetime awaits!




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