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DJ Central sponsors young gymanst, Imogen Dixon Smithers!
01 Dec 2012

Here at DJ Central it’s not always music and parties. Today’s youth are very important to us and we are very pleased to have been able to be a part of the process to help Imogen Dixon Smithers, a young gymnast and budding Olympic champion, reach her goals at this year’s national clubs event in Melbourne.

Imogen performed astoundingly well, individually winning two gold medals and a bronze. She is now the new Australian National Clubs Overall Champion and her team also took out the silver, knocking off the current Western Australian team.

In addition to her amazing results, Imogen attracted the attention of the national coach who was extremely impressed with her beam routine, saying that it was the best she’d ever seen. She was also personally congratulated by each of the judges and made a national high achiever.

The national coach expects to see Imogen at the youth Olympics in 2014. The DJ Central team wish her the best of luck with her training and future competitions.

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