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DJ Central TV, Expanding Horizons in EDM and Dance Music Videos accross the world.
30 Jun 2024


DJ Central TV is pleased to announce its expansion into a growing portfolio of music videos, specifically targeting the dynamic and ever-evolving EDM and dance music market. DJ Central TV commercializes and distributes music, film, and video content through digital entertainment platforms alongside traditional distribution services.


DJ Central TV is a premier global EDM Music TV show that spotlights today’s leading artists in the world of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). It brings viewers the latest music curated by DJs from around the globe, along with segments on club culture and the global nightlife scene. Focused on providing independent labels and artists the opportunity to gain international exposure, DJ Central TV airs a weekly 2-hour show, reaching new fans and growing audiences.

Since its inception in 2012, DJ Central TV has evolved into an internationally syndicated music TV show with a potential viewing audience of over 150 million viewers per month. Our show is broadcast in more than 20 countries, including the USA, UK, Ireland, and Korea, making it a vital platform for artists aiming to reach a diverse and expansive audience.


DJ Central TV is a globally syndicated show, available in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Our extensive reach ensures that its content is accessible to millions of viewers around the world, providing a platform for artists and labels to share their music with a global audience.


With established networks and relationships across the globe, DJ Central offers its artists and labels direct access to new markets that they would typically find challenging to penetrate. This global exposure is a cornerstone of our commitment to amplifying the reach and impact of EDM and dance music artists worldwide.


In addition to DJ Central TV, we proudly present DJ Central Records, an EDM record label with an impressive catalogue of licensed and owned content. We provide our artists and labels with a comprehensive suite of services, infrastructure, and a global distribution network, which includes the promotional power of DJ Central TV. DJ Central’s agreements are non-exclusive and can be a bolt-on to an artist’s existing distribution strategy.


DJ Central TV offers participation in compilation albums as a means to increase artists’ and labels’ exposure. It allows artists to reach new audiences and gain exposure they may not have received otherwise. By featuring alongside other artists, they can attract new fans, expand their reach, and build their following. DJ Central TV aims to help talented musicians gain exposure, connect with industry professionals, and open doors to future collaborations, gigs, and other opportunities.

DJ CENTRAL TV leverages its extensive distribution networks and global reach, offering unparalleled opportunities for artists and labels to connect with new fans and markets worldwide. Join us as we continue to revolutionize the EDM and dance music landscape, one video at a time.

For all inquiries, including how DJ Central can help amplify your music, email or visit DJ Central TV.

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