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DJCTV, DJCRecords & Boxon Records form strategic alliance to develop new talent!
05 Jun 2015

J Central TV, DJ Central Records and Boxon Records form a strategic alliance to develop new talent, bring the best of EDM culture from France to the world and to offer opportunities for Australia EDM artists to tour and develop new markets in France and the greater EU Music Markets.

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with Boxon Records that will open up new markets in the burgeoning EDM scenes in Ibiza, France, Spain, Germany and the UK for DJ Central and Boxon Records artists. Already DJ Central is featuring the Boxon artists and their super cool video clips in our English and French shows.

The partnership will provide Boxon with access to music license opportunities for synch license placements of their catalogue into FILM + TV Shows + Advertising commercials through the Planet Blue network and its partner Kings Road Multimedia

This now means that we all do what we are good at. Boxon has incredible artist vision and creative capacity to nurture new talent, DJ Central + Blue Pie Records + Planet Blue Pictures have the digital distribution, commercialization systems, infrastructure and access to government support and funding to make this all happen. A win win for both countries and both labels.

As Stuart Tabrett CEO of DJ Central says:

“This is a great opportunity for Australian and French artists to partner and develop new music markets together. Both countries offer great artist development grant funding programs and with the help of the Australian and French governments we will be offering touring, promotional and recording projects to the Australian artists to work in France and expand their musical horizons. This partnership could not have happened without the visionary talents of Julien Minet, Damien Reilly, Naomi Krell and the Boxon Records team who put this all together. Boxon get the fact that we all need to work together to change the music landscape and shift everyone’s thinking that music is something that should now be made available for free to the planet. I would like to have my groceries for free but I am sure that Coles and Woolworths would not be accommodating.

Changing times call for new thinking and new markets to be developed and with the help of both the French and Australian governments we will have new markets for our future music artists to enjoy, develop and most of take all of us on new music experiences with the creation of new music. We are excited to be a part of this ground breaking partnership and look forward to decades of success with Boxon Records, one of the France’s last places where artists can be developed and nurtured.”


After five years of unremitting work, Boxon Records, one of Frances leading independent record labels managed to make itself a name on the French electro music scene. The label was founded in 2007 by Julien Minet, A DJ, Artist and a man who lives to create. The label is extremely proud of its accomplishments. In the new millennium music world of 2015, the label finds itself as one of the last true places in the music world where French artists have the opportunity to be developed by experienced producers, music industry professionals to allow their artist potential to be extended and open their artwork to new markets both locally in France and internationally through new partnership formed in the next 2 years.


The label has a hand-picked roster of some of the world’s greatest EDM stars today. The roster includes artists both local to France and its surrounding countries including leading luminaries like: Total Mutation, Symbol of Amazing Ascension, Laurent Garnier, Arthur Baker,The Bloody Beetroots, Annie Nightingale,Tiga, Boys Noize, Kill Kill, WAT and Tom Deluxx to name just a few.

The label is recognised as a leader in the world of music compilations having been recognised by the Quartz Festival for its creative artwork, ambience in music selection and above the standard of production. To be a Boxon Records artist is not something that everyone can achieve. There are a number of factors that an artist music meet least of all the artistic integrity of their music but also the style and integrity that they bring to their chosen genre of music.

Boxon Records is the story of a music lover, an artist and a man who is totally committed to developing the artists that inhabit its roster. Julien Minet is a creative visionary that believes that one’s passion must be the driver to determine ones artistic value and place in the world and not the market dictating to an artist what an artist should create.

For all the latest news on Boxon Records please visit the labels website at

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