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DL Down3r's cover of "River" inspires elegant hula hoop dancing!
26 Feb 2019

Just when you thought that the creative talents of the Down3r fanbase would only be seen alongside Suga Boom Boom with the #SugaBoomBoomCovers and #SugaBoomBoomReviews hashtags, Canadian hula hoop performance artist Sunsiren comes out of the blue to show you otherwise!

Sunsiren has definitive talent as you can see. A quick browse through her instagram will reveal numerous other hula hoop related stunts, showcasing her skills and baffling any viewers who weren’t expecting to be wowed. But if you’re still not convinced, her Facebook page’s collection of content is here to do the talking for me.


Sunsiren is seen in the Instagram post dancing to Suga Boom Boom’s cover of Ed Sheeran and Eminem’s River, lending his classic flow to Eminem’s part and rapping alongside the original instrumental and Ed Sheeran’s backing chorus vocals.

Check it out here on Facebook:

Or on Youtube:

Who would have ever thought that such acrobatics and athleticism would lend themselves unprompted to DL’s cover? Could the creative movement of #SugaBoomBoomReviews and #SugaBoomBoomCovers be spreading to the River cover?!


Whatever the case, it appears that Sunsiren isn’t done with DL and hula dancing quite yet. She may have more in store for us, and if she does, stay tuned, because we’ll post it here!

Express yourself with your creative talents, everyone! Express yourselves through your mutual love for Down3r. This family grows bigger and bigger daily, and whether you sing, write, dance, paint or animate like this talented dude here, if you have a means to express yourself through Down3r’s work, we wanna see it! Send em in ASAP to The DL Down3r Facebook Fanpage so we can review them, and so you can hear the latest Down3r news from day to day, delivered straight to your inbox!

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