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Don't Tell The Wife! I Am Duckeye ‘Husband’ Launch Tour Has Begun!
21 May 2013

Australian train wreck rock band, ‘I Am Duckeye’, is taking on the east Australian coast for the launch of their new album “Husband”.

The band will begin their tour on their own home turf in Melbourne, Victoria followed by a few gigs in Sydney and Katoomba in New South Wales. The band will also make an appearance in the city of Adelaide in South Australia before they return to Victoria to finish the tour in the cities of Melbourne and Frankston.

Other local bands will also feature in some of the band’s gigs on tour including The Resignators, Strawberry Fist Cake, The Berkshire Hunting Club, RED BEE, Tabula Rasa, Dreadnaught, Ear Projector and Plight of the Mystical Dugongs.

The band is already preparing for their tour as mentioned on their Facebook page, “In classic duckeye tradition, the Tour diet has begun!!!! Jules is popping garlic like Maltese’s & has begun his 3 different meats & bean dietary requirements to make sure the +10 hour trip to Sydney will be powered by tears, dry reaching & pure flatulent bliss!!!”

Aussie fans, you’ll sure be in for one hell of a show!

For more info on the band’s upcoming gigs, check out their website at:

You can also take a sneak peek at some of the behind-the-scene ‘Duckisodes’ action on their Youtube channel at:

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