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Double Feature Delight: 'A World of Difference' Honoured Again in Sweden
04 Dec 2023

A World of Difference – An Epic & Enduring Cycling Adventure, has earned its second mention at a Swedish festival, this time gracing the spotlight at the Luleå International Film Festival as a featured documentary. This esteemed festival, now in its 5th successive year, stands as a unique monthly and annual film event in the picturesque city of Luleå, Sweden. The festival fosters a global cinematic exchange by promoting short, feature, and documentary films from around the world.

The festival’s distinctive approach involves monthly screenings, judged by a dedicated jury, with the winners earning the opportunity for screening and engaging Q&A sessions at the annual event in November 2023. Have you watched A World of Difference yet? Don’t miss this captivating cinematic journey!

You can check out the film and what the fuss is all about at the following official links:

The World of Difference film is distributed exclusively for the world by Planet Blue Pictures USA

You can watch the film on Apple TV on demand. Click here:

Watch the trailer on VIMEO here:

Check out the films Sound Track on Spotify:

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