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Earth and The Next Society launch new website along with music now available on AirPlay Direct.
15 May 2012

Earth and the Next Society are getting A list celebrity pampering by Blue Pie at the moment as they launch their latest album ‘Live Earth’. Not only have they received a very stylish upgrade to their website but their MySpace page has also undergone a complete overhaul, now making it even easier to hear and stream their latest tracks directly from MySpace.

Michael Shields and his current musical project, Earth and the Next Society have gotten a drastically upgraded website making it more accessible and easier to find out what the lads are all about. The newest website design channels the band’s own brand of consciousness based rock mentality and captures their social commentary inspired vibe. Redone with some much needed polish, the new website has a new biography section to learn more about the band, a music section for you to sample their sound as well as a gallery section to view their musical efforts in action.

To cope with Earth and the Next Society’s growing popularity, the band now has an airplay direct account enabling them to send broadcast quality music and digital press kits to radio stations, booking agents, promoters and music supervisors worldwide. Fortunately for us, their music is also readily available for everyone else to listen to. You can also find an insightful bio, press releases, a discography section, a photo gallery and upcoming tour dates on their account.

It seems Earth and the Next Society are everywhere at the moment and judging by the amount of online accounts they now have, if you’re in need of some alternative psychedelic rock, you won’t need to look far.

As fans you’ll also be able to contact them via email and share your thoughts with an incredible group of musicians.

 The bands website is available here, as is their MySpace.

Make sure to check out the bands music on their AirPlay Direct account which has now been made availabe to the world!

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