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EdiNet compilations galore! Trance Dance, Club 2 Da Max, Euro Club Vibez, and Euro Tekno!
30 Apr 2021

We have a whopping four new EdiNet compilations, just like the ones we’ve been gushing about recently! This time we have Trance Dance Vol. 1 – 10, Club 2 Da Max Vol. 1 – 50, Euro Club Vibez Vol. 1 – 50, as well as Euro Tekno Vol. 1 – 30! This content is just bursting at the seams, and we’re still craving even more.

Sleek and stylish, these compilations provide hours of goodness, and along with the other EdiNet series that we’ve been working with lately, these are sure to make a beeline straight from catalogue to banger playlist no time flat for all you partygoers. Hang in there fam! Vaccines are doing their thing, soon you’ll be able to safely tear up the night again.

EdiNet specialise in EDM and electronica music, and their collection is the perfect thing to vibe to, and as they’re also label partners with us, we’ve married the sweetest picks from both our collections galvanised slappers to bring the roof falling in! This isn’t the first time that we’ve collaborated with EdiNet for electronica compilations like these, and we’re very glad to have been given the chance to share our musical worlds and create things like this. This is all we have planned with them as far as these kinds of Electronica compilations go for the foreseeable future, but we’re certainly willing to put our efforts together again to help tear up the dance floor later!

These funky album covers were as always designed by our in-house design & admin specialist Sara Cornish, and one thing’s for sure, they truly pop! The stylistic blend and choice of colours to put you in the mind of bustling city clubs, and the image choices are perfect for attracting our attention and getting us in the dancing mood, just as they have been with the other entries in this series. Sara has been working very hard on all the covers for these compilation albums, and it really shows… the lovingly chosen city skylines and popping colourful techno visuals among other excellent sights really bring home the kind of adventurous parties that these albums have in store for you!

These compilations, whether they be techno, rave, or any EDM in between, are all doing swimmingly, in particular across Latin America! EDM is insane over there, and it makes sense. As a culture, Latinos are all about passion, and passionately dancing is the name of the game with tracks like this! These rave compilations are proving to be quite popular in Argentina and the rest of Latin America as well, and we also have the amazing LATAM marketing team to thank for that!

Hammering the promotion for works just like these four compilation series night and day, they’re making sure that the people who desperately wanna hear music like this and discover some fresh blood will have every chance to! We extend our greatest thanks to them and we thank them for what they’ve been doing – the results are plain and simple to see before us, considering how popular some of these songs are on these comps! They’re all available on Spotify, Amazon, and all other major online retailers, so what are you waiting for? We now have an absolute plethora of dope compilations up online from EdiNet at this point, so there’s sure to be something you’ll love among them! And since our partnership with EdiNet isn’t going anywhere, well… who’s to say we won’t have some more stuff to light up your night some day in the future? 😉

These raving releases are expansive and are ready for you to jam out to for hours on end! With tons and tons of excellent tracks, the most popular of which have more than 5K plays, there’s no limit to what kind of bonkers parties you’re going to have with these! EdiNet and our team are always gonna be here with our beloved EDM catalogues, ready to unleash frenetic dance favourites upon the world… party plans for when covid dies out, anyone? We’re all driven by our desire to listen and dance, same as you, so come and join us in dancing the night away with some of these fresh bangers!

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