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Eedris Abdulkareem Ranks Among Top 1,000 African Artists Worldwide!
30 Jun 2024

Eedris Abdulkareem, the trailblazing Nigerian hip-hop, R&B, and Afrobeat artist, has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing a coveted position among the top 1,000 African artists globally. This achievement underscores his enduring influence and contribution to the music industry, not only in Nigeria but across the continent.

A Legendary Career. Eedris Abdulkareem gained prominence as the lead rapper of the iconic Nigerian hip-hop group, The Remedies. Since then, he has been a pivotal figure in shaping the landscape of Nigerian hip-hop, earning a reputation as one of its pioneers. His impact extends beyond his musical prowess; he is celebrated for addressing socio-political issues through his music, earning him both praise and controversy.

New Release. Eedris Abdulkareem has just dropped “Emi Lokan,” his latest single now available on Spotify. The song confronts pressing societal issues, including critiques of current and past political administrations and challenges popular religious figures to speak out against injustice. This fearless approach has characterized much of Eedris’s discography, making him a voice for the voiceless and a conscience of the Nigerian music scene.

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Discography Highlights. Throughout his illustrious career, Eedris has released several impactful albums and singles that have resonated with audiences far and wide. Some of his notable albums include “Jaga Jaga” (2004), “Letter to Mr. President” (2005), and “Nothing But The Truth” (2020). His singles like “Jaga Jaga Reloaded” (2021) and the recent “Emi Lokan” (2024) continue to stir conversations and cement his legacy as a fearless artist unafraid to tackle complex issues.

Popular Singles and Collaborations. Among his most popular singles are collaborations such as “Wonkere” featuring Fatai Rolling Dollar (2011), “Sekere” featuring Vector (2013), and “Fela” featuring Femi Kuti (2013). These tracks not only showcase his versatility but also highlight his ability to collaborate with other influential artists to create impactful music.

Looking Ahead. As Eedris Abdulkareem continues to evolve as an artist and social commentator, his influence shows no signs of waning. His fearless approach to addressing societal issues through music resonates deeply in a world hungry for authenticity and truth.
Eedris Abdulkareem’s inclusion among the top 1,000 African artists worldwide is not just a personal triumph but a testament to the enduring power of his music and message. As he continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions, Eedris remains a force to be reckoned with in the global music scene.
For more updates on Eedris Abdulkareem’s music and latest releases, stay tuned to his official channels and streaming platforms.

Eedris Albums:

  • Pass (2002)
  • Mr. Lecturer (2002)
  • Jaga Jaga (2004)
  • Letter to Mr. President (2005)
  • King Is Back (2007)
  • Unfinished Business (2010)
  • Nothing But The Truth (2020)

His Most Popular Singles:

  • “Wonkere ft Fatai rolling dollar” (2011)
  • “Jaga Jaga part 2” (2012)
  • “Sekere” ft Vector (2013)
  • “Fela ft Femi Kuti” (2013)
  • “I Go Whoze You ft Vtek” (2013)
  • “Trouble Dey Sleep” ft Konga (2016)
  • “Jaga Jaga Reloaded” (2021)
  • “Oti Get E” (2021)
  • “Emi lokan” (2024)

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