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El Khatib set to make his debut!
12 Nov 2011

Blue Pie’s Johnny Bennett has been cited as a major influence on up-and-coming young artist, Hanni El Khatib.

Hanni El Khatib grew up in the colourful city of San Francisco, the son of Palestinian and Filipino immigrants.  As a child, he was absolutely obsessed with the popular Americana culture that existed in the 60s and 70s. Listing the likes of Sam Cooke, Iggy Pop, Johnny Bennett and the Sonics as his musical influences, it is not surprising that his debut album ‘Will the guns come out’ has heavy rock sensibility. Often compared to a blend of The Black Keys and the rockabilly aesthetic that Jerry Lee Lewis made famous, Hanni El Khatib is an exciting new talent that channels the sound of classic rock n’ roll.

Follow Hanni on Twitter and visit his website for more info.

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