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Electronic band Xavier & Ophelia (X&O) join Blue Pie with their new album available now on iTunes for the world !
02 May 2012

Multi-instrumentalist songwriter and producer Dave Tough fell in love with the angelic voice and guitar work of DeAnna Moore when searching for demo singers on MySpace in 2009. They met and soon realized that they both shared a love of artists such as Fiona Apple, Goldfrapp and Edie Brickell as well as a penchant for older jazz standards. The name Xavier & Ophelia (X&O) came from a pair of children’s dolls.

X&O’s music collectively has been placed in movies, television and commercials. Musically, they tend to combine Bachrach-eqsque melodies with electronic production intermingled with live instruments such as the acoustic guitar and drums. The duo released their first 9 song effort, X&O EP, in 2011. They continue explore new sounds and textures from their studio in Nashville, TN.

To hear some of X&O’s self produced work from their studio, check out their website: and show your support to this unquire and cutting edge group by downloading their CD off iTunes! 


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